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Healthcare EMR & IT Support Services

Healthcare EMR & IT Support Services

Subnet Systems offers comprehensive IT solutions for healthcare organizations and clinics. We have many years of experience supporting and providing IT services to small to large healthcare organizations, from Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Rehab Clinics, MedSpa Clinics and other healthcare organizations. We have provided support for clinics across Canada and outside of the country.

IT Support
Subnet Systems offers in person and offsite IT support for all healthcare providers. Recognizing the critical importance of uninterrupted access to IT systems in healthcare, Subnet Systems provides round-the-clock monitoring and helpdesk support staffed by experienced technicians. Whether it’s resolving software glitches, troubleshooting hardware issues, or ensuring network connectivity, the IT support team is equipped to handle a diverse range of technical challenges. Proactive maintenance and remote troubleshooting further minimize downtime, allowing healthcare organizations to focus on delivering quality patient care without disruptions.

Support with MRI/CT, GI Endoscopy, and Orthopaedics Call for Applications with the Ontario Ministry of Health
On September 25, 2023 the Independent Health Facilities Act was replaced with the Integrated Community Health Services Centres Act (ICHSCA). The ICHSCA provides a funding and licensing tool for community surgical and diagnostic centres to support provision of OHIP-Insured Diagnostic services, surgeries and procedures. In 2024, three calls for applications will be launched to expand community surgical and diagnostic centres for MRI/CT imaging services.

  • MRI / CT – Call for applications in Spring 2024
  • GI Endoscopy – Call for Applications in Summer 2024
  • Orthopaedics – Call for applications in Fall 2024

Contact us today and we can assist you with your application.

EMR Installation, Migration, and Support
Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have become indispensable tools for modern healthcare delivery, enabling healthcare providers to digitize patient records, streamline workflows, and improve clinical decision-making. Company A specializes in guiding healthcare organizations through every stage of the EMR lifecycle, from initial installation and configuration to data migration and ongoing support. With a meticulous approach to system customization and user training, Company A ensures that EMR implementations align seamlessly with the unique needs and workflows of healthcare professionals. Ongoing support services, including software updates, troubleshooting, and user training, empower healthcare organizations to leverage the full potential of their EMR systems to deliver superior patient care.

Practice Management Software Application we support.

  • Accuro EMR
  • Telus CHR
  • Practice Perfect
  • Clinic Master
  • MindBody (MedSpa)
  • Dragon Medical One
  • and other EMRs and healthcare applications

Secure Healthcare Data Storage Solutions (Canada)
The growth of digital healthcare data requires secure storage solutions to ensure the integrity, provincial legal requirements, confidentiality, and availability of patient information. Subnet Systems offers data storage solutions designed to meet the stringent regulatory requirements and scalability needs of healthcare organizations and clinics. Whether it’s on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid storage architectures, Subnets uses advanced technologies such as encryption, data deduplication, and backup replication to safeguard sensitive healthcare data against unauthorized access or data breaches. Compliance with industry regulations such as PIPEDA, PHIPPA and other provincial regulatory requirements is paramount, and Subnet implements security measures to ensure regulatory compliance and data protection.

Networking Infrastructure
A strong and reliable network is essential for healthcare clinics and organizations seamless communication, collaboration, and data exchange. Subnet designs, implements, and manages networks for the unique needs of healthcare organizations and clinics. From secure and scalable wired and wireless networks to network segmentation and access control mechanisms, Subnet provides healthcare providers with connectivity and flexibility they need to deliver quality patient care. Integration of telemedicine platforms and remote monitoring systems further extends the reach of healthcare services, enabling providers to deliver care beyond traditional clinical settings.

List of Some of our Healthcare IT Projects

  • Hospital Wide Electronic Documentation
  • IT Project Management for the Construction of a new Hospital
  • Medication Reconciliation for an Ontario Hospital
  • EMR Migration from OSCAR Pro to Telus CHR
  • EMR Migration from ACCURO EMR to Telus CHR
  • Implementation of Dragon One
  • IT Support Services for EMRs across 80 Clinics

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